Collapsible trash can

This small pop up garbage can is awesome. It is perfect to keep in your RV, trailer car, truck or boat or even with your camping gear. It will collapse down flat for storage, and then pop up when you are ready to use it.

Collapsible/Portable Garbage Bag Holder or trash container. Perfect for RVs, Boats and Home, saves space. Instant pop up assembly for use indoor/oudoors.

Perfect for RV’s, Trucks, Vans and Boats
Pops Up to Use, Collapses Down Flat to Store
7.5″ Tall x 6.5″ Diameter
Can be attached to carpet with Velcro type micro hooks
Color: Black

MFG Model 38996-1


How Metrics Improve Design Chops

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16 px Body Text … Hell, Yeah!

From 16 Pixels: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake | Smashing Magazine:

Most websites are crammed with small text that’s a pain to read. Why? There is no reason for squeezing so much information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that dates back to a time when screens were really, really small. So…

Screen vs. magazine: 100% is NOT big; image by Wilson Miner.

via Information Architects – The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard.