Information Overload

‘… People are drowning in a deluge of data. Corporate users received about 110 messages a day in 2010, says market researcher Radicati Group. There are 110 million tweets a day, Twitter says. Researcher Basex has pegged business productivity losses due to the “cost of unnecessary interruptions” at $650 billion in 2007….”

‘… The social-networking behemoth has focused on “social design” — in which it develops products that make it easier for its 500 million users to communicate without getting “lost in a sea” of messages, says Andrew Bosworth, director of engineering.

‘”The simpler the product, the more users engage in it,” says Bosworth,

He points to services such as Facebook Messages and Facebook Groups that streamline communications among people of similar interests. “The deeper the thing is, the more I understand how something works, the more I am likely to use it.”…’

From Social media users grapple with information overload –


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