Emotional Design = Human Design

From a review of the book Designing for Emotion:

“…His first and most important point is that websites should feel like they are made by human beings for human beings. Everything else follows from that. Along the way he quotes Donald Norman, a pioneering product designer who literally wrote the book on Emotional Design, about why attractive things actually work better:

Attractive things make people feel good, which in turn makes them think more creatively. How does that make something easier to use? Simple, by making it easier for people to find solutions to the problems they encounter.

Steve Jobs took this up a notch with the design of Apple products: research shows people respond to their iPhones as if the phones were loved ones (the anticipation, the quickening of the pulse, the abject disappointment!) The attractiveness of a product certainly affects how we feel about it—and Norman would argue, how we use it—but when it comes to websites it is the personality that is expressed through the design that makes it memorable.

via Why Does ‘Emotional Design’ Work on the Web: for Felony & Mayhem, It’s No Mystery – Forbes.


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